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Remont, prepravka sistema i modernizacija alatnih mašina

Ltd. "K-efekt" firm engaged in the production and overhaul of machine tools is also doing the alteration and modernization of the these tools. Machines in our production: lathes, rooters, horizontal drills (Browers), grinders, drills, planers, Hacksaw, press and scissors, machine for gear grinding, etc. Our references:

Lathe pa30 3000 before the repair

Lathe pa 1000 before the repair

Lathe pa 30 2000 before the repair

Hydraulic saw before the repair

Band saw hap-280 before the repair

Pfauter 5k3 before the repair

MOK-1 before overhauling

Machine for adaption of endings AMPZ - before the repair

Matsura rooter in the process of dismantling

The rooter Fa3au before overhaul

Sander Centerles before the repair

Sander Fortuna before the repair

Machine for deep drilling before the repair

Drill before the repair

Drill RB-70 before the repair

Lathe pa30 3000 after repair

Lathe pa 1000 after repair

Lathe pa 30 2000 after repair

Hydraulic saw after repair

Band saw hap-280 after repair

Overhauled Pfauter 5

Overhauled MOK-1 machine

Overhauled AMPZ

Matsura rooter after repair

The finished overhauled rooter

Sander Centerles after repair

Sander Fortuna after repair

Machine for deep drilling after repair

Drill after overhaul

Drill RB-70 after overhaul